Our story

Aura Dim Sum is the result and celebration of a journey through Asia by Spanish-Brazilian couple Catarina and Jose.

Their fascination for Chinese cuisine led them to learn the culinary art of making Dim Sum, in London and Singapore, from some of the finest Dim Sum chefs worldwide. The couple then moved to Arraial d’Ajuda, a small beach town in Brazil, where they opened the country’s first Dim Sum bar which was a success.

In 2020, Aura Dim Sum moved to Lisbon and swiftly carved out a place for itself in the culinary landscape of the city through private events and residencies at renown restaurants. In order to survive the pandemic, they decided to home deliver their Dim Sum, frozen with cooking instructions, which won the hearts of more customers. To respond to the high demand they were met with, they could not continue producing and cooking from their home kitchen.

It was then, at the beginning of 2021 when, together with Rish, an expert in the restaurant industry in Lisbon, and by chance, one of our most passionate fans, we decided to create our small Lab and take it to the top. Rishav has followed his own path creating other amazing projects but will always be part of Aura Dim Sum.

Once again their vision met such success that in order to respond to the demand and their clients wishes, they have decided to move to a bigger locale. Their goal is to continue to be a cult place for lovers of their cuisine in a space that is designed with the enjoyment of their clients in mind.

Catarina Goya

Cata is the creative child behind Aura’s recipes. She skilfully invents new and delicious recipes while staying true to tradition. She was born in Brazil but grew up in Lanzarote. Her passion for food started as a young girl when she would love to spend hours in the kitchen cooking for her family.

Jose Luis Suarez

Jose is the business half of the dynamic duo, responsible for Aura’s product development, finances, and strategic position, along with making sure Cata has everything she needs to create her recipes. Most importantly, he ensures there is always a mini beer on hand. Jose was born and raised in Madrid before he moved to London and then Lanzarote where he met his wife Catarina.

Nadine Torterotot

Nadine, a french foodie living in Spain, has been from the very beginning Aura Dim Sum’s number one fan and cheerleader. When Cata and Jose were living in London, she introduced them to dumplings which marked the beginning of their culinary adventure. She has been there every step of the way, advising them on important decisions. It seems for her a natural and exciting evolution to officially partner up with Aura Dim Sum.

Asian Restaurant in Lisbon

What is Dim Sum?

In Ancient China, travellers stopped along the Silk Road to rest at tea houses where they were offered small morsels of food with the tea. Hence the tradition of “yum cha” (drinking tea) and Dim Sum began.

Dim Sum refers to these small bite-sized delicious snacks, usually served in bamboo baskets or small plates. Dim Sum commonly translates to “Touch the heart” which is where we derived our logo and slogan from. At Aura Dim Sum Lab, our aim is to touch your heart with our delicious dumplings, warm tea and friendly service.


What makes Aura Dim Sum so successful is the unique quality of their product as well as the love that is put into it. Moving to a bigger space will allow for more culinary techniques which will increase the variety and quality of their dishes. Keeping Dim Sum at the core of their offering, their new creative project will also offer delicious and original recipes from vietnamese gastronomy which they are passionate about.

Are you a Dim Sum lover?